The first time I went to see a Sacramento chiropractor, it was because of complications I was having in my recovery from a broken arm. My doctor had suggested that I visit a chiropractor to see if adjustments would help in the healing process. I had been through physical therapy, and it was helping some. I still did not have the range of motion that I had before I broke it though, and it was very frustrating. The physical therapist was able to give me a great recommendation on a chiropractor, and I was sitting in his office that same week.

I explained what had happened to cause me to break my arm, and I also detailed my time at physical therapy. The chiropractor did an examination on me, mainly focusing on my back, but he did check my shoulder and neck area too. He also took some imaging tests to make sure that everything was properly healing up, which it was. It was just the range of motion that was not coming back, and he suggested that I undergo a series of manipulations on my spine to see how much better it was after.

I had my first one that day, and I finished what he wanted within three weeks. By that point, I had my full range of motion back as well. That was not the end of my time with my chiropractor though. I had learned a good bit about the other benefits of going to a chiropractor from my time there, and I have regular adjustments as a result from that. I feel much better, and I definitely have more energy. I thought that breaking my arm was the worst thing that could happen to me, but it turned out that it helped me a lot. As I get older, I am going to appreciate all of this even more.

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